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LODIBET GamingStern Pinball Inc, the global lifestyle brand that has come to be synonymous with the iconic and exciting game of pinball and is behind a range of ultra-popular pinball titles like The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostbusters, Aerospmith and more, recently announced the release of yet another exciting line of pinball machines for sale. This new range of machines celebrates the hit American TV sitcom, The Munsters.

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Stern Pinball’s The Munsters Pinball machine transports players to 1313 Mockingbird Lane for a haunted pinball quest with the entire Munsters family. Get a load of Munster Madness with Herman, Lily, Spot, Raven, and Grandpa in this action-packed, pleasantly horrifying, and frighteningly funny pinball game. Stern Pinball has once again created a unique pinball world under glass, with machines available in Limited Edition, Pro, and Premium models.

With world-renowned pinball machine and video game designer Steve Ritchie on board, it is no wonder why Stern Pinball has (for the longest time) been one of the greatest pinball machine manufacturers in the industry. Ritchie holds the record for being the best-selling pinball designer of all time and is known by pinball aficionados as “The Master of Flow,” because of the way he designs pinball games with great emphasis on loops, long smooth shots, and ball speed. The Master of Flow has created many movie and TV series-based pinball machines for Stern Pinball Inc, ranging from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (his very first with Stern Inc), to 24, AC/DC, Star Trek, and many more. In March 2019, the company announced the upcoming release of yet another pinball game designed by Ritchie, entitled Black Knight: Sword of Rage.

In other news, Stern Pinball Inc. has also announced at the start of the year (2019) the opening of what they dubbed as the Stern Insider Program, which provides pinball game enthusiasts with exclusive, behind-the-pinball-machines-access to the under the glass world of Stern Pinball. The Stern Insider program offers lots of membership perks like exclusive and limited edition merchandise, private access to videos, webinars, and interviews with their most famous game designers, artists, and programmers, as well as invitations to Stern-sponsored events.

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